Business Development

Operational Management and Strategic Development

QSBC & RK Auditing Associates can help you to structure your company, maximise your outputs and achieve your stated aims and objectives. Our in house team of consultant will be happy to support you in developing the following areas to ensure successful and competitive approach.

  • Preparation of business and strategic plan looking at the direction and objectives of the company
  • Develop management systems and structures
  • Support with the selection and recruitment of new staff
  • Develop HR Processes and Procedures, supporting and training in-house staff of their implementation and use
  • Agree and implement Health and Safety processes and procedures
  • Discuss Implementation and delivery mechanisms
  • Ensure robust monitoring mechanisms and review processes are established

We will help you to assess the opportunities available and then help you to execute simple, effective and practical solutions that will provide business stability and positive cash flow.


Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ’S) and Tender Submissions

The preparation of successful tenders is both time consuming and a skill that must be learnt. Organisations are increasingly realising the benefits of successfully bidding for work. Whatever the product or service, completing pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ’s) and tender documentation takes time and effort.

It is essential that a quality document is produced that communicates how your proposal satisfies the buyer’s needs.

We can take the stress out of writing tenders by supporting you in the development, preparation and submission of your tender in a managed, stress-free manner by:

  • Analysing the tender requirements and informing you early in the process of the relevant information required
  • Producing a plan with time scales and support mechanisms which will facilitate the writing of the tender whilst limiting the interference with the day to day running of your company.
  • Collating the required information and drafting the tender, incorporating any changes you require, proof reading and submission.
  • If you would like to produce your own tender we would be happy to give you an independent review and would support you by:
  • Undertaking an initial review of your draft tender and scoring it against set criteria.
  • Providing you with suggestions or changes for improvement based on the review giving you the opportunity to improve the content and presentation prior to submission
  • Checking that all supporting documentation has been included and that it satisfies the stated requirements.