Health & Safety

At QSBC & RK Auditing Associates Ltd, we provide a range of health and safety management services, enabling organisations to outsource all or part of this important aspect of their business to our fully qualified health and safety consultants.

All organisations with 5 or more employees are required by UK law to have:

  • A documented health and safety policy
  • Documented risk assessments for all significant hazards
  • Access to competent health and safety advice
  • Documented arrangements for the planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of health & safety arrangements for example a health and safety manual
  • Adequate health and safety training for all managers and employees

We will ensure a seamless approach through the following steps

Step 1 Assessment

  • We will undertake a comprehensive inspection of your health and safety arrangements, work sites and premises to gain an idea of what, if anything is needed to achieve legal compliance.
    We will produce a report detailing our findings and recommendations including any actions required

Step 2 Implementation

  • Following the assessment we will work with you to ensure that a full and comprehensive set of health & safety documents, systems and processes are in place and workable. We will ensure that you understand and are able to manage your health and safety without unnecessary complications.

Step 3 Ongoing Support

  • Your health and safety consultant will be available to provide you with advice and support as and when required. This can be agreed on an “as needed” basis or through our more hands on approach providing you with regular support and advice, ensuring that you receive updated health and safety guidance and information and continued monitoring of your systems and procedures.

We also offer support, guidance and submission of CHAS, Construction Line and SafeContractor

You can also draw upon the wider expertise of our whole team. With their varied backgrounds and expert knowledge across a wide cross section of areas, our health and safety consultants can offer you the best possible advice and guidance on a broad range of subjects. The choice is yours!