ISO 9001

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the UKAS recognised standard for effective quality management. It provides a company with a set of principles to ensure a common sense approach to the management of business activities. Accreditation to ISO 9001 will allow for better customer satisfaction, effective control and continual improvement.

ISO 9001 is the International standard for Quality Management Systems. It is the most widely used way of demonstrating to your Customers, both existing and potential that you are committed to your product or service and have been assessed accordingly.

What are the benefits of having ISO 9001

  • Effective planning
  • Operational management and control of processes
  • Overall improved product and service reliability through best practice methodology
  • Customers will have confidence in your product or service
  • Effective control over business processes
  • Provides documented policies and procedures evidencing the organisations commitment to manage effectively
  • Fulfils the requirements of public and private pre qualifications questionnaires and tender submissions during competitive processes
  • Improves the resilience of the organisation
  • Provides visible reassurance to all stakeholders
  • Provides a solid foundation for the growth of the company

ISO 9001 Certification from QSBC & RK Auditing Associates Ltd

We will help you design, document, implement and operate a quality management system that meets all the requirements of ISO 9001. We will design the system around your existing business practices wherever possible, and if necessary help you identify and solve the areas of your business that do not conform to the ISO 9001 standard.

Once the system has been implemented, we will arrange for it to be audited by one of our internal auditors, before recommending you for your ISO 9001 assessment by an external UKAS accredited Auditor.